The 3 Sixties


 Stan brings authenticity to each performance and truly emulates the vibe and feel of the time. His incredible vocal range and power enable him to master the legendary 60's vocal classics.


 Dino puts all of his expertise into every gig to recreate some of the most iconic grooves in 60's music history.  He draws on years of recording, touring and session work with well known national acts.


 Dan has all the dynamic sensibilities required to tackle any 60’s groove with total conviction. He's either keeping the low end pinned down on stage or engineering sonic excellence in a top Midland's studio.


 David has extensive live and studio experience as a guitarist, composer and producer. Entranced by the 60s era from an early age, he embodies the vital ingredients: attention to detail and passion for the music.


Rupert is a highly accomplished pianist, whose excellent reputation is based on great feel, passion &  musicianship. An avid listener of classic Jazz, Soul & R&B, his love for Booker T, Stevie Wonder & Ray Charles is apparent in every performance.

The Heatwaves


Claire has toured with theatre shows, bands and her own solo show. Now performing as 1/3 of The Heatwaves, Claire’s powerful & soulful voice perfectly complements the wonderful songs of this classic Soul era.


 Rebecca comes alive when performing the sounds of girl group soul with the Heatwaves. Either performing lead vocals or creating soulful harmonies, she delivers with a vibe befitting the amazing swinging 60's.


Having been brought up on the timeless sounds of Soul & Motown, Jemma went on to complete a degree in Performing Arts. Most at home on stage, her energy is infectious and shines through with every performance.